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DM32 Digital Gauge
DM32 Digital Gauge

The DM32 is a dual channel touchscreen manometer (differential pressure gauge) for Blower Door and DucTester operation. It is small, lightweight, and exceptionally intuitive to use. It can be controlled with a computer (MS Windows PC's only), connected directly or over a network via Ethernet, or directly via USB. Ethernet cables of 100 m / 328 ft segments can be used, offering an unlimited distance of reliable control, without the need for pressure tube extensions.

Included with the DM32 is a package of analytical software, developed exclusively for the DM32, to equip testers with the most comprehensive tools available to collect, export, and evaluate air leakage testing results.

New DM32 features developed in the future can be updated easily onto the gauge from the internet.

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5311 with Triple Fan with Large Cloth Panel and DM32
5311 with Triple Fan with Large Cloth Panel and DM32

The new 5000 series are even faster and easier to use. Nothing comes close to the value of the 5000 series.

Most popular for testing houses and small commercial. Outsells all other makes and models.

One big reason for its popularity is you don’t have to attend a training course to learn how to use it. Just read the Quick Guide, maybe watch the video and in 15 minutes, you’ve performed your first test. Another reason, this performance leader gets 6700 CFM (11,383 m3/h) out of its ¾ hp individual motor which is more than any competitive unit because if its efficient size and sophisticated on board speed control. Adjust the fan speed manually using the control knob, or the TV-remote style control on the gauge, or Set to Pressure which works like Cruise Control on your car or fully automatically with the free PC software package.

The Aluminum Frame has exclusive snap together, snap apart frame corners. A second crossbar is included for superior grip into the doorway and panel leakage reduction of 75% over any other door panel. Mount the Gauge on the upper crossbar using the clip on the gauge or use the Gauges super magnets to attach it to any steel surface.

Read on about at least 15 exclusive features you will find only with Retrotec who is the world’s largest and most advanced blower door manufacturer.

We even have a 10 year warranty on our fan shell because you can’t break it.

Check out What’s Included or look at the Technical Specifications for more information.

* Please note that the 5000/6000 series blower doors are NOT supported by the DM-2 digital gauge

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451 European Commercial DucTester with DM32
451 European Commercial DucTester with DM32

The Model 451 and 452 are simply a Model 441 with an Adapter that fits to the front of the fan. Change the test direction by moving the 100 mm flex from the outlet to the inlet adapter which snaps on in one second. No clumsy flanges to disassemble.

Test to 250, 1000 or even 5000 Pa! Sufficient flow for almost every test. 600 square meters of duct or more can be tested.

Results in any desirable unit such as cubic meters per second per square feet is read directly off the gauge. Or, use the test to complete and automated test then have the software generate an EN12237, FE E51-767 or DW/143 compliant report that can be easily customized with your format, logos and even pictures of the test. Users love the set up and test speed.

One tech can take this tester to the jobsite by taxi or train. An industry first as is the ISO 17025 accredited calibration.

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301 with Cloth Panel and DM32
301 with Cloth Panel and DM32

Over two years of development work and 4 injection molds later, the Model 300 has emerged as a unique and versatile testing system. First, it has increased air flow to test a wider range of tight houses. More power but a lot less weight too and the ability to run for hours on batteries! The same fan makes an ideal duct tester. But there is more. This Super tight design, allows the Model 300 to measure flows down to only 5/1000 of a CFM (2/1000 l/s) which is low enough to measure a light switch or the leakage of a single nail hole with optional low flow plates. Option it into a high flow US style DucTester that operates on 10 inch flex or the European style that connects using 4 inch flex.

Super accuracy has been accomplished by the super tight tolerances of totally injection molded flow measurement parts and a unique flow pressure pickup guide fins that allow for super low but stable flow measurement. Nothing has ever been built with so much flow measurement innovation.

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